How To Choose The Right Business Model For Your Game

Patrick Rose
Founder & Senior Consultant
Games Analysts

About Patrick

Patrick is passionately devoted to the games and tech industry. Having worked in different fields of the industry, he is your jack-of-all-trades; proficient in mobile free-to-play to console AAA. Patrick has worked as a Games Researcher, Product Manager, Game Designer, Strategist, Business Analyst and Consultant. He is founder of the Games Analysts, a consultancy network of industry professionals of all fields. Furthermore, he is co-founder of an indie mobile games studio and represents the studio’s creative leadership. 

Talk description

If you are a game developer, choosing among different game business models can be frustrating and tricky. You probably are aware of premium and freemium games. But what does it mean, and what business model will be the best for your game? In this talk, Patrick Rose will present many different ways you can monetize your game and discuss pros and cons. The final decision will be yours to make.

Hometown: Hamburg, Germany