The Rules Behind a Successful Music Game

David Ventura
CEO & Creative Director

About David

David is the Creative Director of Ichigoichie, a media production house and games studio located in Stockholm. He has seventeen years experience leading technology teams in developing music games and applications at Propellerhead Software in Stockholm and iNiS in Tokyo, publishing over fifteen titles and winning numerous awards. David holds a Bachelor’s of Computer Science from the University of Virginia and a Master of Entertainment Technology degree from Carnegie Mellon. His research has focused on virtual reality, human computer interaction, and machine learning. He is also an instructor in creative media at the Triagon Akademie in Munich, and a student of the Berklee College of Music. In additional to his work in software and academia, David is an organiser of the monthly Syntax Error night club, and performs annually at DJ festivals across Japan. 

Talk description

Making a music or rhythm based game is not as easy as it sounds. It’s difficult to apply rules to an art form that largely rejects them. Music has its foundation in math, but the application is largely neurological and psychological – in other words fuzzy and personal. In this talk David will walk through the principles of dance music teaching you stuff like tension and release, macroscopy and microscopy and how these rules were implemented in the acclaimed DJ-game Hexagroove, released for Nintendo Switch in October 2019.

Hometown: Stockholm, Sweden