Turning Theoretical Ecology Into A Game

Anna Eklöf
PhD Researcher
Linköping University

About Anna

Anna is an ecologist with her main interest and field of work in theoretical ecology. Theoretical ecology lies in the boundary between ecology and mathematics, with the help of mathematical models attacking ecological issues. 

Talk description

Welcome to an inspiring lecture and demonstration of Ecoweb, a unique computer game that teaches biology and ecological networks.

The game is based on research from Anna Eklöf at Linköping University. Anna is a researcher in theoretical ecology that lies in the boundary between ecology and mathematics, and the idea is that computer games can be used to visualize complex and exciting ecological relationships.

Together with Visual Sweden, LiU Innovation and East Sweden Game, a team of researchers and game developers have developed the game concept Ecoweb, which lies in the borderland between visualization, simulation and computer games. The purpose is to make knowledge in biology and ecological networks accessible to the public, whether you study or just want to be entertained by a unique and challenging game.

Hometown: Linköping, Sweden