Artificial Intelligence That Builds Virtual Worlds

Andrew Maximov
CEO & Founder
Promethean AI

About Andrew

 Game Industry Veteran, Technical Art Director, former Naughty Dog (Sony Interactive Entertainment), Andrew pushed cutting edge pipelines that powered some of the most complex productions in the world. Develop and Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30, artist, programmer, consultant, entrepreneur and speaker at Computer Graphics events all across the globe, for years he has been fighting for democratizing the creative process, supporting artists and empowering creativity within every single person. 

Talk description

This talk is a much needed exploration of the subject of creative collaboration between humans and AI. Surprising to many, technology is going to force us to formalize what the creative process actually is and what is our role within it. If we are to build an expressive and empowering future, everyone not only deserves, but needs to be part of this conversation today. We are excited to share the insights we have found at Promethean AI building a part of that future first hand.  

Hometown: Los Angeles, California, US