Game Track


Fredrik Selldén, Dimfrost
“The Story Behind Bramble: The Mountain King”
[Talk in Swedish]


Sam Niskanen & Henrik Hansing, Lurkit
“User generated content: How content creators and viewers impact and fuels the industry”
[Talk in English]


Timothee Engel, Photon
“Diving into Multiplayer – The Fundamentals”
[Talk in English]


Natalie Mellin & Simon Cutajar, Resolution Games
“Algorithmic Bias: Why And How Do Computers Make Unfair Decisions”
[Talk in English]


LiU Game Awards
Prize ceremony for the annual student game development competition at Linköping University
[English & Swedish]


Marcus Engelbrektson, Massive Entertainment
“How to make great animations in AAA productions”
[Talk in English]


Sara Lempiäinen / Nora Björklund / Riley Miladi / Melody Ju, Embark Studios
“Machine Learning For Believable AI Characters”
[Talk in English]

Science Track


Samuel Blomqvist, Beartwigs
“The Making Of A Modern Game Engine For Retro Games”
[Talk in English]


Panel discussion with Equal Play
“How to make diversity stick”
[Talk in Swedish]


Aseel Berglund, Linköping University
“How Gamification Can Enable Healthy Workplaces”
[Talk in English]


Patric Ljung, Linköping University
“Interactive Science Communication With Unreal Engine For Science Centers”
[Talk in English]


Industry Talks by HiQ
“Established companies share how they work with game technology to leverage their business.”

Torkel Danielsson, Voysys
“Driving a 1200 hp electric race car remotely”

Erik Dahlström, Maxar Technologies
“Building the Metaverse with Global Scale 3D”

Axis Communications

…and more! [Talks in English & Swedish]


Per Strömbäck, Swedish Games Industry
“Presentation of The Game Develope Index 2021”
[Talk in English]

17:00 – 21:00

Afterwork & Mingle by HiQ, Gotthards Restaurant
The bar opens at 17:00. The party begins after the talks around 18:50. Gotthards is in the building next to Spektrum where the conference is. Welcome to the ultimate mingle with speakers, exhibitors and visitors – see you there!