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Recorded talks

Recorded talks

From LiU Game Conference 2021

EMBARK STUDIOS: Machine Learning For Believable AI Characters

By Sara Lempiäinen, Nora Björklund, Riley Miladi, Melody Ju – Gameplay and Research Engineers at Embark Studios

Learn how Embark Studios are changing their workflow for character creation with machine learning, teaching physically-based AI-agents to walk and interact with their environment on their own. The team is working on a proof of concept where they are letting characters be created with little effort, and having them learn their environment, rather than being manually scripted and animated. It’s less about controlling characters, and more about having them react to the environment. The goal is to apply the latest research from around the world to create fun and interesting gameplay experiences.

Embark Studios is a Stockholm-based games studio, on a mission to blur the line between playing and making. 

MASSIVE: How to make great animations in AAA productions

By Marcus Engelbrektson, Animator at Massive Entertainment.

There are many things to consider when creating game animations and many techniques are required. In games you need to create animations that respond to gameplay, storytelling; mixing them together in real time. In this talk Marcus Engelbrektson will break down all the steps in making animations for AAA games, including pre-production, production, posing, mocap vs keyframe, procedural/engine vs pre-baked animations etc.

Massive Entertainment is a world-leading AAA studio located in Malmö and part of the Ubisoft family. 

RESOLUTION GAMES: Algorithmic Bias – Why And How Do Computers Make Unfair Decisions

By Natalie Mellin & Simon Cutajar, Head of People & Culture + Game Programmer at Resolution Games.

With experience from games and tech companies including Resolution Games, Avalanche Studios, King and Spotify, Natalie has played a central role in creating innovative people and culture practices over the last decade. Simon Cutajar is a Maltese game programmer with a PhD in using machine learning to generate music for video games. This talk is about algorithmic and unconscious bias in games and what can we do about it.

Resolution Games is a games studio based in Stockholm and led by some of the top minds in the industry, forging a world-class catalog of titles that brings players into the richest VR and AR worlds possible.

PHOTON: Diving into Multiplayer – The Fundamentals

By Timothee Engel, producer at Photon.

This talk tackles the What, Why and How of multiplayer games – the three core questions any studio and developer should know the answers to before diving into multiplayer game development.

Photon Engine offers both State-Synchronized and Deterministic engines to launch AAA grade multiplayer games with Unity. With thousands of live games and more than 500 Million monthly active players, it is the world’s best Multiplayer service provider.

DIMFROST: The Story Behind Bramble: The Mountain King

By Fredrik Selldén, founder & CEO of Dimfrost Studio.

What started out as a student project at Linköping university is now a game studio with a multi-million budget for the game ‘Bramble: The Mountain King’. The game is based on Nordic mythology and was announced at E3 earlier this year – the biggest game show in the world. Fredrik will talk about the journey from playing games to establishing your own game studio.

Dimfrost Studio is growing and we are focusing on creating games with immersive storytelling and atmospheric environments. As of 2020, Dimfrost is part of the Zordix family. 

LURKIT: User generated content: How content creators and viewers impact and fuels the industry

By Sam Niskanen & Henrik Hansing, CEO & CMO of Lurkit.

Lurkit help game developers and publishers create awareness for their games by collaborating with content creators of all sizes. In this talk, Lurkit will explain how streamers and influencers create growth in the industry and how to take advantage of that. They will also present some fresh facts from the games industry.

Create hype for your upcoming release by letting Lurkit match your game with relevant content creators to source interest. 

LiU Game Awards 2021 – Prize Ceremony

LiU Game Awards is an annual student competition that originates from the course ”Games Programming” (TDDD23) at Linköping University, but any student from LiU can apply. Every year we pick a three winners from 10 nominated game prototypes. The jury consists of seasoned games industry people. The winner get to pick a gaming console and 20.000 SEK to finalize the game!


BEARTWIGS: The Making Of A Modern Game Engine For Retro Games

By Samuel Blomqvist, founder & CEO of Beartwigs.

It all started with a series of game jams during the studies at Linköping University. The james turned into a retro game project. 3D shading, volumes, positional sound, material surfaces, normal mapping and a specialized algorithms were added. Suddenly the team had developed a modern game engine for retro games with features to die for.

But how do you design a game engine from start? The pixelart game scene is bigger and more mature than ever. At Beartwigs, we are working on how we take it further into the future. 

EQUAL PLAY: How to make diversity stick (panel discussion)

Equal Play Panel Discussion: “How to make diversity stick” with Anita Stenholm (Frame Break), Magdalena Annell (Lutra), Sabina Holmegren (Linköping university), Malin Hallgren (Valla Game Education). Moderated by Alexander Milton (Kinda Brave Publishing).

This panel discuss the challenges of creating a diverse and inclusive game industry from the perspectives of work, education and gaming. The panel consists of women and non-binary developers sharing their experiences and thoughts on diversity in the tech industry, and what everyone can do to contribute.

Equal Play promotes equality and inclusion in the local games industry. We are a network that supports marginalized groups and promote diversity in games.

LINKÖPING UNIVERSITY: How Gamification Can Enable Healthy Workplaces

By Aseel Berglund, Associate Professor at Linköping University.

Aseel Berglund’s research focuses on how principles, mechanics and techniques used in games can be applied in other environments and contexts that are not games in order to motivate, engage and reinforce positive behaviors or change behaviors. Liopep is a game-based program for creating healthy workplaces through micro-breaks and playful movements during sedentary office work.


LINKÖPINGS UNIVERSITY: Interactive Science Communication With Unreal Engine For Science Centers

By Patric Ljung, Senior Lecturer at Linköping University.

Research conducted at Visualization Center C focuses on methods for visualizing large and complex data sets and investigating how we can interact with and investigate data to understand, or confirm, relationships and information. This talk discuss how the Unreal Engine can be used to speed up and enhance interactive visualizations in Science Centers. 


SWEDISH GAMES INDUSTRY: The Game Developer Index 2021

By Per Strömbäck, Spokesperson at Swedish Games Industry. [TALK IN SWEDISH]

 Swedish game development is an export industry in a highly globalized market. In just a few decades, the video game business has grown from a hobby for enthusiasts to a global industry with cultural and economic significance. Per will join LiU Game Conference to present the “The Game Developer Index 2021“.

Did you know that the Swedish games industry’s revenue grew to EUR 3.3 billion in 2020, which is an increase of 43% compared to global sales that increased by 20%. Pretty amazing. Per will share more numbers with you and explain why Linköping and Östergötland is so important for the games industry.

Industry Talks by HiQ

Non-gaming companies share how they work with game technology to leverage their business. Presented by HiQ.

“Driving a 1200 hp electric race car remotely”

by Torkel Danielsson, CTO at Voysys.

How do you make a 1200 hp electric race car drive 180 km/h on the Red Bull Ring F1-track in Austria, remotely operated from a dome 70 km away? The answer includes a surprising amount of game technology from Norrköping! This talk is the story about how the Norrköping-based company Voysys helped Schaeffler and the DTM racing league accomplish this goal in record time, and how game technology can be used for so much more than just games.

“Building the Metaverse with Global Scale 3D”

by Erik Dahlström, Software Developer & Architect at Maxar Technologies.

We unlock the promise of space to help governments and businesses solve problems on Earth and beyond. This talk will showcase our work on building the Next Generation Digital Globe, and how it’s being used to drive Game Ready use-cases, such as Simulation & Training and beyond.

“Developing the smartest and safest cameras in the world”

by Mikael Ek, Director Software Development at Axis Communications.

We continually challenge conventions and innovate network based products and solutions for the security and related markets. All to optimize security and business performance for our customers while making sure our solutions are as simple and user-friendly as possible – from installation to operation.